Monday, March 12, 2007

Turned Me Into the Queen of Spain

Do you remember the shows you watched when you were a kid? Some say Looney Tunes or Disney characters. Well, Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse are great and all, but when I was a wee little boy, we didn't have cable. So no Looney or Disney for me.

Yeah, there was Power Rangers (which I have to admit, I really, really liked) But there were other shows that made me tune in everyday. School was never going to be an obstruction. Homework could always be set aside for 30 minutes to an hour.

Spanish TV hit Manila like a fuckin' tsunami. I was really enamoured by it. It was sooooo sexy and sooooo tense that I wasn't able to stop talking about it for a loooooooong time. My mom and our household helper back then were full of me asking this and that and commenting about this and that as well.

It was so huge that even Zebulon got it. So we got our little green, ghetto friend.

So let's take a journey back, shall we?

altogether now...

Thalia fever hit the Philippines with MariMar. And my golly, it was a phenomenon! Who could forget Sergio? Angelica? Perfecta? PULGOSO THE TALKING DOG!! Who did not fall for the little, sweet, innocent girl from the beach who was abused and totured by Angelica for falling gaga over her stepson, Sergio; who suddenly turned out to be the heiress of Club Valle Encantada? See?! I still remember the details!

I was in the first grade then. And I was gaga over MariMar. I was strangely drawn to Sergio though, and I couldn't understand why. LOOOOOOOL!!

My favorite scene in the entire series was when Thalia finally got her revenge on Angelica. Do you guys remember when Angelica told MariMar to get the bracelet that Sergio gave her, from the mud using her mouth? Well, MariMar got rich, bought Angelica's hacienda, and told her that if she wants it back, she must get the deed from the pool of mud with her mouth.. GAWD!! REVENGE AT ITS FINEST!! AYLUVET!!!

Here's the video of the scene. It's in Spanish. But you can feel the hatred and the satisfaction and all the other emotions seeping through the dialogues.

I remember waking up at 4am just to watch when Thalia arrived in the Philippines. People were going crazy like it was the pope who arrived.

When the series ended, I felt like it was an end of an era. I asked God what would fill my weeknights... I felt so empty all of a sudden. LOL. Good thing RPN rode the SpanishWave like a crackwhore on crack. I'll be featuring them in the coming days.. :P

HOTTIE of the WEEK: Thalia. Wherever you are, you are still FAB!!

so you now know what first turned me over the other team.. LOL!

and speaking of that shit.. another 'WTF?!' conversation overheard in New York...

There's Nothing Rational about Desire

Very gay man: I have to go buy some Crisco -- I have a date tonight.
Straight guy: I don't understand how you can not be interested in a nice set of tits and a wet vagina.
Very gay man: I don't understand how you can not be interested in a big throbbing cock!
Straight guy: Because I already have one.
Very gay man: Let me see!
Straight guy: No!

--Washington Square Park

Overheard by: Big Larry

via Overheard in New York, Mar 12, 2007


Paolo said...

1st one here.

i still remember she had this rendition of "nandito ako"

chino said...

ohmigad pao.. i so loved that rendition of her. she seemed soooo receptive to her third-world fans.. i remember I recorded it in my blank tapes while placing the recorder near the TV. LOL

AJ said...

OMG! I loved MariMar aww!
Did you ever catch the replays at 1pm the next day?

Oh, I loved the other Thalia-starrers that followed too. Most notable of which is Rosalinda, thanks to the hotness of Fernando Carillo who played Fernando Jose Altamirano del Castillo!

Billycoy said...
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Billycoy said...
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Billycoy said...

you forgot someone in Marimar, her role outshone Thalia. how could you forget Corazon?!

Boy Uninterrupted said...

i didn't understand a word of that video but it was awesome!

is this the very same thalia that's married to mariah carey's ex??

chino said...

who deleted the comments?.. i'd just like to know if he/she is a new visitor to my blog....

>>aj..yeah.. i'd watch it everyday..

>>billycoy.. i did remember her!! but i forgot to type her

>>boy-uninterrupted.. YES.. she is mariah's ex's wife.. :P

andianka said...

damn! talk about a blast from the past! you've been rewinding a lot lately... haha!

awww! (that's priceless! no one can beat her with that!)


honestly i don't remember the story. yet reading about it plays pictures of her and some scenes in my head. oh well!

maria mercedes... rosalinda... nice! really huge craze!

tina said...

I LOVE THALIA. gosh. I was soo young back then and i discovered the teleserye first (kudos to RPN 9 kasi sila na na)
and kasabay nang marimar is tv patrol. mom watches tv patrol.. tapos id cry if she wont change it to marimar. later... my mom got hoooked.

i remember the movie... haha. may movie un eh. marimar the movie. bwhaaahaha... hayyy...

Kiro said...

HAHAH just landed here...
man I do remember Marimar when I was sooooo young... I was forced to watch it... well coz most of the people I live with are girls and yea you get my point... I dont remember the whole story and stuff but I do remember watching the mud part with the paper thing...

Billycoy said...

ako rin yung nagdelete ng comments... akin yun... correct ko lang, delete forever mo na!

empress maruja said...

Sergio's chest hair may have amazing magnetic powers. Kidding.

I remember reading the news that a afternoon rush hour gridlock in Davao was so bad, by 6pm all the people got out of their cars and jeeps in search of TVs so they would catch up on MariMar!