Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lycanthropy Without the Turning Into a Wolf Part


I feel so wretched, but I gotta say, I'm full to the brim and am about ready to burst! I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!

I feel like Natalie Portman in "Anywhere But Here". I feel so trapped and I need to breathe!! Spending almost every waking hour, minute and second with the people you've been with for your entire life is gonna kill you. I SWEAR TO GAWD!! I WANT TO MOVE OUT!!!!

To anyone who's willing to give me $2000, I found this apartment in Washington Heights in Manhattan. Please send it to me via post. I WILL FUCKIN' THANK YO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND BE YOUR SLAVE FOR A WEEK!!!! If you're not gonna make me do a lot of cleaning I'll be your slave for a month!!!

Help me ease my misery. EMAIL ME( or something. My youthful energies are starting to diminish. I NEED BLOOD!!

**My only respite in this entire conundrum is Sanjaya's hair tonight. HELLO SHIRLEY TEMPLE! Rosie O'Donnelle keeps calling him Sanjay.

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Talamasca said...

Hahaha. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Why don't you get a job or something? Oh well, I wish you fuck. I mean, luck. :-)

OMFG that's Sanjaya? Or SCARY SPICE? O_O

andianka said...

nakalimutan nyang mgsuklay?haha!

hoy! bat nga ba nababaliw ka na jan?umuwi ka na lng kaya ng pinas? ahahahahahaha! :D

dont forget to breathe!

Paolo said...

ang sosyal mo malimos, $ 2000. =D

yuck kaya yang si sanjaya. diba tanggal na yan?

aa_ron said...

i think sanjaya's hair wasn't at all nice tonight.

you can like get a job for the 2000$ you need. or be a snatcher. hahaha

Jhed said...


Shet. Shirley Temple look naman si Sanjaya ngayon!


Oh, and tama na kasi ang paglalandi. Time to work your butt off! :P

Lyka Bergen said...

O baka naman yung $2000 ay gamitin sa pakulot ng buhok mo para gayahin ang bading na Ms. India?

khalel said...

Whining wont help... WORK!!!! WORK!!! WORK!!!!

Kironobu said...

Sanjaya sucks SO much... wtf why did he stay tonite..
and and yea... do you have a job?... ipon ka na lang or magtrabaho ng work na quick money *wink* ahehehe
Oh and yea I just saw your tag at my board... I didnt know u were at the US... where abouts there?

tina said...

seems like everyone's suggesting one thing: WORK