Thursday, March 15, 2007

Me Likee..

I got a lot of fantasies. A LOT. Like hot, sweaty Library Sex. LOL. In the dark aisles where no one goes to read anything except for the nerds- the textbook section. LOL.

But something piques my fancy more than that. And it's not really physical. It's more than that...I've always wanted to be called Querida.. LOL

Which brings us to TeleNovela#2... "La Usurpadora" The Usurper in English, L'usurper in French, and Ang Mang-aagaw in Tagalog.

Gabriella Spanic (Gawd I looooooooooooove her name!) stars as both Paola and Paulina. Two sisters separated at birth. Paola (you just know by her name that she's the bitch) grows up in luxury, and Paulina in poverty. Destiny seems to reunite the two when Paola vacations with her lover at the hotel where Paulina works as a maid. She then forces Paulina to take her place as Paola Braccho so she (the true Paola) could go touring around the world with her DirtyOldMan benefactor.

All goes well in the Braccho household. Paulina, falling in love with Paola's hubby, fills the mansion with affection and warmth. But just as everything is going smoothly, Paola decides to come back.


here's the entrada of the telenovela. Gawd, I thought after MariMar and Maria la del Barrio(which I will feature next time) RPN would no longer have any good telenovelas. But this one really took me and my family for one heck of a ride.


tina said...

Di ko pa napapanood ito. Hehe. UNg marimar lng talaga sinubaybayan ko eh.. at tsaka... "Luz Clarita". Nyahahaha. and Maria La del Barrio... and.... mmhm Gata Salvaje.

I like their casts... magaganda kasi.. (all spanish novela casts) hehe.

bulitas said...

shet. gusto ko rin to. pinapanood namin to dati. aliw. wahaha