Friday, March 9, 2007

Take Off Your Pants

as I am typing this post, someone is getting arrested upstairs. I have no idea who, but the po-lice (read powlis) came in full force... and I opened the door!! HOORAY FOR JUSTICE!

New York is starting to fuck me. lol. CRIME CRIME CRIME!!! ayluvet!! The excitement! I mean, I don't wanna be a victim, but being a spectator.. is simply... SPECTACULAR!! lol!!

I feel so debonair all of a sudden. lol!!

Just got back from the doctor. and I'm disease free! venereal and all! lol.

there's just one more and my journey to the dark side (of the force) will be complete. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Crappy post coz I feel all drugged up. lol. they drew 6 vials of blood and I am so... light headed? hihihihihi. didn't eat luch and breakfast coz i woke up late and the appointment ended at around 3pm. but i can still type. but i can't think straight, i think. lol

To make do, here's a bit of New York wisdom for all of you. Spread the love!

Sure, Why Not?

MTA worker #1: Que sera, sera.
MTA worker #2: Is that French?
MTA worker #1: Yeah.

--Times Square subway station

Overheard by: Cat

via Overheard in New York, Mar 8, 2007



Boy Uninterrupted said...

think it was it in Rent where they said livin anywhere else after New York, would be a pleasure cruise.

i've been here 2 years but haven't had the pleasure of seeing an actual arrest u lucky so & so.

and oh, nothing beats that vinerial free feeling! lol

tina said...

someone arrested for whatt???

Hehe,... so you're experiencing every bit of New York. Hehe. :P

Glad you are disease free,... :P

andianka said...

d nga? you're not sick or anything? kahit yung sira ng utak mo d nila nadetect? galing ah! wow... i envy your drunkenness light head floating heaven yeah whatsoever feeling! natural high! although syo hindi natural. hahaha! :D

aa_ron said...

dude, you're being fucked by new york? hahahaha

chino said...

>>boy uninterrupted.. as the po-lice scurried up the stairs i was smiling like a fox.. lol.. excitement!! lol

>>tina..i dunno... possession of illegal drugs?..murder? rape? carnapping? it's a big big universe!

>>andianka.. now im sober.. and centered.. lol

>>aa_ron.. yeah.. good thing i wasnt ovulating.. LOL!!!!!

Jhed said...

The next time the po-lice come into your place, they will arrest you for sexual harrassment and public scandal. Hahaha!

Wait, did I spell HARRASSMENT correctly? :P

Paolo said...

WOW, dapat nag ala CSI ka. nga pla anong ginagawa mo dyan sa new york? mag aaral k ba dyan o work agad

chino said...

>>jhed.. arrest me?...i am such an edifice of moral excellence!! lol

>>pao.. nah.. anyway.. thanks for the cartoon..i love it.. :P

khalel said...

an edifice of moral excellence, you say? Ok I am the queen of the nile then. Lolz...

They say nothing beats new york... siren going all havoc almost every minute... people going to and from almost like robotics entity... Love it too!

Jed > Yeah, I think Harassment is spelled right. But someone mispelled something else... lolz!

Chino baby, thanks for always droppin by at mah site! I got too many ghost roaming around mah site... around 70,000+ in three months to say the least. lolz!


Billycoy said...

dapat matuwa ka rin sa mga criminals dyan, kung walang criminal, walang mga pulis, walang excitement!

Lyka Bergen said...

Que Serra Serra. Hahahaha! Ang di ni alam ay.... Chavacano eto! (Aaay. Tama ba? Ching!)

Talamasca said...

Now that's the hotness right there! Hahaha.

Uhm, what the fuck does MTA stand for?

empress maruja said...

I'm sure hindi alam ng MTA worker kung ano meaning ng "que sera, sera". Manglait daw ba?

Jhed said...

@Khalel: Haha! Yeah, I MISSPELLED mispelled. Shoot me. LOL.

chino said...

the MTA.. Metropolitan Transportation Authority.. they oversee the subway and the shuttle buses.

LOL. Que sera, sera..whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see...QUE SERA, SERA! LOL

Anonymous said...

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