Friday, March 23, 2007

Call Barbara Walters! I Deserve an Interview!



I have been hired by one of the world's most innovative fundraising agencies (clearly, with that tagline, it's bound to be nouveau and unconventional!) to scour the streets of manhattan for kind-hearted people(like myself!) who are willing to be sponsors for children suffering privation in different parts of the world!

DialogueDirect's office was so not like what I had expected. I expected it to be sterile, white, and prim. Nuh-uh! It was colorful, teeny, and artsy! I fell in love with the office the moment I saw the photographs of the fundraisers on the wall. I knew that I had to get my photo there. It would be my primary mission!

*pose* *pout* *flash*

and the pay is not that bad! $73/day fixed+merit bonuses on how many sponsors you can sign up that day. You sign up 6 and you get $100 for that day. I NEED TO BE AS ALLURING AS POSSIBLE. lol!!!

Good thing the interview was sooooooo informal and fun. No more of that "towering interviewer who's gonna eat you alive" atmosphere. Claudia, my interviewer, was very accomodating. AND SHE WAS ENGLISH!! I just love the English! They're soooo perky!

Though it was raining today, I was smiling as I walked back towards the World Trade Center, I couldn't help but dance and hop and skip on the streets coz I'm so happy. Earning good money and making a difference. Now that is a job. I was yodelling too. a lot of people were looking at me. I think they thought I was crazy. But hey! This is New York! No one sane is allowed to live here!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH.. and by the way, SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! and because of that, I debuted my spring outfit on the streets of NYC today.

Shall we launch my phoblog?




Match, oui?



tina said...

yay!! glad you are happy with where you areee in now. haha. yup its a match!!! hehe

Jhed said...

Singing in the rain?! Gawd. Di ko maimagine. Haha!

Mafu-fulfill na ang fantasy sex mo sa office! LOOOOOOL. :P

By the way, nice outfit.

andianka said...

well, what'd yah know?! you've finally had your calling. nyaha! hmmm... it really sounds great. making money while making a difference. congrats and good luck with that! maybe i'll come by and ask for help soon. haha!

oh, and yeah... quite a match. next time, do all the fashion ramp photos of yourself instead of the real one. with perfect matches, find the difference sort of thing. nyahahha! :D

chino said...

>> i got the vest like..a day before..

>>jhed..i have no such fantasy nuh.. but now that you've mentioned!!

>>andianka.. its just being proactive.. lol

>>note: i would've been more of a camwhore had it not been raining that day...

Lyka Bergen said...

Buti ka pa Lola, Happy ka!. Zana tumagal.

Good Luck!

dhawell said...

hahaha. Good Luck man! have fun in New York!

chino said...

>>lyka...i feel that there is an underlying message in your comment... ok ka lang tita? lol

>>dhawell.. thanksies!

empress maruja said...

Ikaw ba yung nasa ramp? nalito ako.

Boy Uninterrupted said...

alright!!! le nerd is le paid!!! sooooooooooooooo, i presume we'll be doing high tea with the ladies who lunch at Terrance in the Sky on you? eh? eh? eh?


chino said...

>> mouth is aching for cabarnet souvignon!!..LOOL.. and I'm fed up with tea!! i drink it every fuckin' day!!

TREAT ME!! lol

>>empress..hahaha! i wish!

Virginia said...

Chino congrats!!! i looooovve your outfit! bagay na bagay!!!! goodluck with your new job! wish me luck too, i'll be jobhunting!

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