Monday, March 5, 2007

The Price I gotta Pay

I hate it!! New York isn't just the greatest city in the known universe (it even beat the Alien with an Afro's Zebularadarodara..LOL), it's also in the upper echelons of "YOU-BETTER-BE-RICH-OR-YOU'LL-FUCKIN'-LOOK-LIKE-A-PAUPER" cities. GGGRRR.

Listen to this: Manhattan living would cost you at least $1000, and that's the cheapest and most barren, niggardly, and banal apartment you can find on this side of the galaxy. And it's also the city with the highest car insurance and health insurance prices. Arounf $400, i think per month.

But that's not why I'm mad. I'm mad because the price of a friggin' haircut costs $90 friggin bucks!! I was accustomed to the 50php, and the occasional 300php haircuts I got in Manila. But here?.. the good salons cost a fortune. And I fuckin' hate it!!! I haven't had a haircut for 2 months, not only because of the cold, but because my wallet is fuckin' empty!!! I used it all up to eat fuckin' subway sandwiches!!!

And I can't ver well just go to a barber shop. My hair requires delicate precision. Just one false woop and it's all freakish looking. I tell you.

And now, because of my utter desperation, I've asked my mom to give me money for my haircut as her birthday gift for me. I AM SO DESPERATE!! I look like a fuckin' retard!!!!

And the hair products are killing me as well!! $20 for a small container of hair wax!!

Gawd, I so have to work. And when I do, I shant eat anything to save money!!!!!!!

I guess that's a day in the life of the rich and fabulous...MUST.REMAIN.FAB!!

To balance the increasing neuroticism of my brain, let me debut my Hottie of Ze Week. Each week, I'll feature one, may be male, may be female. Depends on who I consider a hottie.

This week, it's Santiago Cabrera who plays Isaac Mendez on Heroes.

He so has that "FUCK ME I'M AN ARTISTE" vibe that he sends to both men and women.. LOL!!

(photo c/o
*give me a break, I'm depressed about my hair so I deserve to be "malandi" even just for a while.


Anonymous said...

punta ka sa parlor ko, sagot ko haircut mo.


Fabulously EB said... for me, i scared of the aliens in the top of the story. the eye are big its looks at me. im not sleep later tonight because im scared.

im love your hairs. and the alien hairs too.

but my hairs is cute.

utakGAGO said...

Livin' in the BIG apple needs MUCH MUCH MOOLAH! astigin ang english pare. eeheheh!


Sabrett and Subway sandwiches are the besssssst talaga.

Hay, when May strikes - I'd soon watch TRL at New York's Times Square and climb the Statue of Liberty!!!

yehey! :))

kame-san said...

tsktsk. you better hide from the fashion police.;p

Loverboy said...

hay chino. ahihi. may parlor naman, baka gusto mo pumunta ahehehe kidding.

*excited for the next hottie of the week* LOL. :)

andianka said...

me like the hottie hot hunkie... sa wakas at nagupdate ka din! nyahaha!

had trouble with my net connection at home kaya na-delay ang comment. oh well, gupitin mo na lang sarili mong buhok! nyahaha!

blogerista said...

wat d.. baka naman may ginto ang gunting na gamit nila sa panggugupit...

$90... 50 pesos d2, ay masahe pang bonus pag trip ka ng barbero/barbera.. hehe

empress maruja said...

Kalokah! Lahat naman yata sa Amerika mahal, maliban sa pagkain.

chino said...

>>mandaya.. cge!! hahaha
>>fab.. i find it cute too
>>moses.. i will!! lol
>>karen, I'm doing everything possible to still look... presentable
>>arnel.. mas lalong mahal nga yun
>>andianka..that's ok.. hehehehe
>>jerome.. dito $10 ang idadagdag for a blowdry
>>empress.. oo..pero exagg dito sa NYC

khalel said...

Simple economics! You earn more, you spend more.

The only problem is you dont have work... So I think you bettah start learning to cut your own hair... lolz!

as for wax, egg white and starch will do! lolz!

Stay Blessed and Free!


joy said...

bakit ganyan kamahal ang haircut... tsk...

tina said...

Everything there is so pricy!! hehe.. better go look for a job that you love.. hehehe :P

dun worry we all have bad hair days.. but not everyone here in the Pinas has the "pricy-hair-cut-days"

Billycoy said...

cost of living NY is really expensive... being a hairstylist there is really a noble job, ranging from $90 to more than $100 for just a haircut, imagine that here in the Philippines.

It's like already having your hair done in Frank Provost!

sana makapunta na rin ako ng US para magpasabog pa ng mga buildings... lalo na sa rockafeller!

khalel said...

yes chino! this is me in the profile!

me and my alter ego named CAIRO. (wink)


Paolo said...

omg, ganun pla kataas ang cost of living sa ny. wag mo lng i convert sa peso

Talamasca said...

Yeah, I've read about the huge COL in the Big Apple somewhere. Sucks big time, huh?

Hmmm.... What the fuck are you doing there anyway?

sherma said...

while reading your post, kino-convert ko sya into peso...

at nawindang ako...

now I know kung bakit sinasabi ng tito ko na pag nasa ibang bansa ka, wag mong i-convert into peso ang mga nagastos mo...

Virginia said...

kaloka naman yan! bakit ginto ba ang gunting na gagamiting panggupit sa'yo?? $90 for a simple haircut, luge ka pa kasi di ka girl, simple lang style ng gupit...

magpakaermitanyo ka na lang siguro, joke!