Friday, March 16, 2007

Stop and Gimme a Kiss

Gimme some love biyatches!! It's my day! whether you just dropped here by accident or you really typed in mu URL directly(I dunno why you would do that), leave me a big, fat, wet kiss..

[update]**i'd like to give a shout-out to my friend Candice Marie Perez for calling me at 4:30 in the morning. Gawd, i miss you so much sisterfriend.

Long Live Les Nerds of Ze Earth!! MWAH!


AJ said...

Happy YOUR DAY to you Chino! MMMMMMMwwwwwwwwwah!

andianka said...

IT's YOUR DAY!!!!!! hoorah!
(what? i don't get it...)


Jhed said...



O yan, with matching tongue pa ha! :P

chino said...


>>aj.. mwaaahh back

>>andianka mwaaahh back too..

>>jhed.. muuuuah back too..ooohh... tongue.. LOL

empress maruja said...

Happy Day! Ano'ng day nga ba itech?

Virginia said...

mmmmmmmwah! tsup!

kame-san said...

happy 18th? birthday! haha. miss you.^^,

chino said...

karen, whatever.. lol.. let's just celebrate coz the world still got me.. LOL

miss you too.. :P

i've been told that kevin won the USC treasurer position.. i gotta get him to gimme sum bucks..

tina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! may all your wants come true. hehhee. :P

Isaiah said...

hahaha, it's your day!!!

kath said...

what dou you like? with the tongue o without the tongue? naah/. kidding!

mwah mwah mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :-*

legal ka na! nyahaha

Paolo said...

bday mo pla, cge ill giv u ur request pero baka nxt week na, tinatamad pako ngaun eh. =D

Boy Uninterrupted said...

mathlogonolo mo letsatsing la gao la matsalo ... as we say where i'm from!

if you don't have an english-setswana dictionary handy, i just say best wishes on your birthday!

chino said...

mwah mwah mwah mwah to all of you!! I LUV YOU ALL!! I FUCKIN' LUV YOU ALL!!! LOL

>>boy uninterrupted.. thanks for the international greeting.. I hope i can go to SouthAFrica for the 2010 WorldCup.. i suppose you'll be going to? :P

>>tina.. kath..isaiah! thanks soooooo much!!

>>paolo.... zenkyu!! I'll be waiting for that... just one of any of the designs.. :P

turismoboi said...

nice blog


Loverboy said...

muaaaaaa! muaaaaaa!

sampuan sampuan, kanan kaliwa!


LOL. Happy Birthday.

Roland said...


Lyka Bergen said...

Di ko gets eto. Sige na nga ipa DHL ko na lang ang kiss ko. Mahal yan! Mwah!

chino said...

>>turismoboi.. though your comment is off-topic... thanks

>>loverboy.. eeeekk.. SALIVA!! lol.. thanksies!! 10 airkisses for you!

>>roland.. thanks.. ur the first accidental kisser! lol

>>lykabergen.. MAGBASA KA NGA! lol :P thanks!

joelmcvie said...


A big, wet, sloppy, tongue-filled kiss from a Piscean to a fellow fish. :-)

Doris said...

You write very well.