Sunday, March 4, 2007


I so envy Jennifer Hudson. No no, not because she won an Academy Award (though that wouldn't be bad at all). I envy her coz she was so glamorous during her Oscar Night performance. Yep, dear readers, my being a FAB-HAG has struck again!

First, it has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to ascend the stage via a raising platform. I imagine it makes you feel so important and so regal. JHud must've felt like the Queen of Spain. LOL.

Second, all, my friends know this, I've always craved to sing in front of a bazillion people and enchant them with my *ahem* beautiful voice. I wanna belt out my powerful vocals and stun the world (in a good way). I then expect 10 minutes of non-stop standing-Os.

Her gown was fabulous! Makes me go back to the OLD days when I first wanted to try out a dress. Out of my system now, but I admit I went through that phase, LOL. Her ruby red gown fell on her body like a fluid curtain. LOVED IT.

Fourth, and probably the most frustrating thing, was her moves! Dammit, the girl can groove! BUT, those moves are mine!! I've been using them for 6 years(in private of course; when my ConcertQueen Syndrome starts to attack me again..LOL)! The diamond step with aerobic arm movements, The one-shoulder move she did at the beginning of the video, the hand PLANTED permanently on her waist, the hair flip(though I have short hair), and the hip movements she did on 2:26 of the video. I SHOULD SUE HER FAT, GORGEOUS ASS!!

My my. the power of a make over can do wonders!!.. She's just like Marc Jacobs. Lookie-lookie..


JHud looking like a taco on Idol 3.

Scruffy Marc Jacobs with uber hot boytoy, Jason Preston


JHud out-boobs Beyonce

Marc Jacobs oooh-lala after he broke up with Preston. Look at those pecs!



Paolo said...

goosebumps. anung season ba ng american idol yang si jennifer hudson? ngaun ko lng siya narinig sa dream girls

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

grabe ang photo filing mo a.

Talamasca said...

This is some seriously gay shite. LOL.

Anyhoo, yeah, congrats to Jennifer Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Astig si Jennifer Hudson. Nakawala siya sa Idol image niya. :D

chino said...

>>paolo, season 3.. goosebumps for dreamgirls? or the oscars?

>>mandaya.. i SCOURED the net for those photos..

>>tala.. LOL..gee, you think? haha

>>gerome, she balsts idol for labeling her as the "girl in a turkey wrap" when it was her who decided to wear that fuglt pink dress...

blueengreen said...

i despise jeniffer hudson ever since she joined american idol... there's just something about that big fat black lady that i don't like.... maybe it's her attitude... her arrogance to be exact... yap that's it... she's so arrogant.....
but since you're a fan of hers.... i'll just congratulate her as well

chino said...

>>i'm not her fan edgar. I too think she's an arrogant prick.. but you gotta admit, she was fabfab during her oscars performance... minus her metal bolero..

tina said...

I dont watch American Idol and I dont know who won this or that...

Ive heard about her yes,... but thats all. Nyahaha. I ammmm soo late sa balita specially in the music/show biz. :P

kame-san said...

i don't like her oscars outfit.
rayms, check out:
you might like it there.^^,

Loverboy said...

grabe chino, saang lupalop mo nahukay mga pic na yan? ahaha. lupet.

congrats na lang sa dapat i-congratulate ahihi.

Virginia said...

chino ang pogi naman ng ex-jowa ni marc jacobs! at bakit ganun?? he (marc jacobs) looked loads better when they broke-up??