Monday, March 26, 2007

"Be Here By 9 AM Sharp"

tomorrow is my first day of being part of the global labor force, and I am nervous as hell. it would be one thing if I were back in Manila. But I'm in a strange place. and as much as I feel like I belong, there's always that little tinee impish voice that rains on my parade saying I'm a pathetic fool.

haven't worked for anything in my life except creeping my grades up by being some sort of a syncophant and according to ma'am soriano, a manipulative scatterbrain. LOL. I am now thrown at a double dilemma.

may the thought of Lea Salonga playing Fantine in Les Miz, earning rave reviews by the way, guide me tomorrow. ALLEZ, LEA! ALLEZ!!

we shall see..

tomorrow... we dine in hell!..err..i mean.. I go to work! (CRAPPY WORD PLAY!! SOMEONE WILL BE PUNISHED!)


tina said...

yay.. good luck sa first day mo! break a leg. :P (haha ginawang theater/play? ) hehe

Jhed said...

Good luck on your first day of work.

Try to focus more on your work (for now) before drooling over your officemates. Okay? :P


andianka said...

wahaha! blow their brains out! you'll be great im sure of it. keep your head up high... good luck!

Lyka Bergen said...

So anong nagyari? Flop ka ba lola?

joy said...

chino! ngayon lang ulit ako nakadaan.. :)

Isaac said...

if i saw u in the streets i would definently stop !! haha :P