Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Science of Hair and Hard-ons

Guess who's gonna get free haircuts worth $90!!! hahahahahaha!!

The idiot who didn't get that should be sentenced to eternity cleaning FatBastard's toilet.

Yeah, smart dude! ME!!

I'm now an employee of Bumble&Bumble, the salon I was refering to in my "Price I Gotta Pay" post. And free haircuts and products are just some of the perks. Gawd. That sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gay.

The fundraising thing was not working. My body paid the price for standing outside all day in the moody New York weather.

So I left. Ergo, I am an office-buddy. Fuck. I thought I was an outdoors guy. gggrr. Sad though.. I love helping kids...

So to prepare for my new venture, I went shopping today to be able to comply with the dresscode. ALL BLACK. Yeah yeah. I know. I said people who wear all-black stuff are losers. But before you chastise me for it, let me just say that it is not my choice. It is a required thing.


I need a credit card.

Let me itemize what I "owe" my rents...

  1. Black chino pants(Urban Outfitters)- $48
  2. Black military long sleeved-shirt(Urban Outfitters)- $29
  3. Black solid polo(American Eagle)- $24.50
  4. Black long-sleeved sweater(ExpressMen)- $20
  5. Black long-sleeved casual buttoned shirt(H&M)- $20

I am starting to be sick of black. I NEED MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone wanna gimme money? GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!

Oh! and a baby! While I was in the trains a while ago, there was this baby that kept saying ""

He was sooooooo cute I wanted to eat him.. hihihi..

*End of Verbal Diarrhea*

here's the paperbag that caught my attention. Boy, Abercrombie and American Eagle sure know how to tickle people's fancy. What do you say about this bag, eh? Methinks he's getting, or thinknig of getting a blowjob.


tina said...

soo.. you realy left it huh? well if youre not happy with the job.. leave. :P hehhee

at least the one you have now has perks you loveee.. :P

sherma said...

$90... grabe talaga... kapapagupit ko pa lang ng buhok, eh kaya nakaka-shock talaga kung ganyan ang binayad ko... hehehe...

i miss your blog, chino! =)

kame-san said...

tsktsk. gastos.

Jhed said...

You work in a salon now? LOL. At least it's real work, noh?

OMG! You are so green. Natutulog lang yung guy sa paperbag e!

chino said...

>>'s not that I wasn't happy. It's just that I wasn't ready..

>>sherma...welcome back!!

>>karen... i know..... but iluvet!

>>jhed... that's what it looks like!! im not green-minded...just observant.. hahahahaha

empress maruja said...

Mali ka Chino. He's thinking of getting a blowjob...from me. Echos!