Monday, April 9, 2007

The Saga Continues

i will be updating soon guys and gals. I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired.

For the meantime, let me titilate you with another Pedj and Kelly video. THEY ARE JUST SO FUCKIN' CUTE!!!!

and they're only 19(pedj) and 18(kelly)!! gggrrr.. I frikkin' look like a 12 year old. Why the fuck is it that Asians look soooooooooooo juvenile? I have been mistaken on the streets as a 14 year old to be totally honest.. GGGRRR... and their blog gets up to 3,000 comments a post.

Why the fuck are they straight?? wehehehehe..

SPICE GIRLS!! hahahaha!! I should've guessed that I would turn out to be non-heterosexual when I became engrossed with their music.. hahahahahahahahaha!!


tina said...

woot. take care... cant see the vid. anyhoww... be blessed... and get a good rest... hehe

Lyka Bergen said...

By the age of 40....u'll be mistaken as 30. Ayaw mo nyan?

andianka said...

ahaha! this really is a crazy video. no wonder they get lots of comments... it is fun to watch.

as for the age, oh yeah, im also wondering about that. im 23 and i still look like an elementary kid.


empress maruja said...

Ako nga mukhang 20 kapag nakaahit. haha! At least panalo sa mga bagets!

liz said...

maybe its because Asians are small people with skin that doesn't show wrinkles too much. ^_^ link exchange?

Virginia said...

ayaw mo nun babyface tayo? heehee!

i already saw their vids! (pedj and kelly) ang gwapo nila sheet! delicioso! i thought they were gay, buti na lang hindi!

how's your job nga pala?

CJ said...

Thanks for posting. They get better with time. Now venturing outside. Too hot to be inside and shirtless???