Sunday, April 22, 2007

Destiny is Rockin' the Cradle!!

Yesterday, after going out on what was the most beautiful day in New York that I have witnessed since I was exiled here, my mum and I had a bit of a chat.

She finally gave in to my implorations. I am no longer to be forced to live my college life out as a miserable nursing student.


The terms of my involuntary exile that made me convulse like a slut in heat were these:

  • As such that I am now in the Land of Opportunity, I must grab the said opportunity by the balls and jerk him off like there's no tomorrow... i.e. Be a nurse so that I can get money to satisfy my" obstinate lifestyle" (yep. my mom said I had an obstinate lifestyle. WTF?!).
  • I was going to enroll in the City University of New York's Laguardia Community College because it is sooooooooooooo fuckin' affordable/cheap that paying for it won't require them to sweat blood and sell organs in the black market.
  • That once I graduated with an Associate's Degree(A 2 YEAR COURSE!! GAWD!! I NEVER IMAGINED!! MY EGO SHRIVELED LIKE A USED CONDOM), I would work as a registered nurse.
All of these pieces of shit terms came about because the geriatrics in this house thought, with a passion that bordered on ordering me, that just because I am a Filipino I would not be able to rise among the ranks and would forever remian in the cesspools of the rank and file people.


So anyway, since I got a job and the benefits are so fuckin' awesome.. my mom has now changed her mind. And has allowed me to pursue what I really want.. which is in the field of Politics/Diplomacy/Economics..

Finally.. I was like almost going to give up on my supplications.. almost sent my application.. hahahahahahahha!!

Oh..and by the way.. this in no way diminishes my respect for nurses.. It's just that I have no desire to be one.. and so forcing me to become one makes me twitch..

The next hurdle to overcome is now going to be the SATs..

Once that's over... NYU and Columbia... HERE I COME!!!!!


lilith said...

congrats! life's too short to do somthing that you dont want to!

tina said...

follow your heart. hehhee :P Be blessed in pursuing your dreams.

danceordropdead said...

Good luck Chino-san.

empress maruja said...

My mom actually "forced" our youngest sibling to take up nursing for college. I was the only one in the family against it. Oh well...

pat said...

just think of all the lives you'll save if you decide to ditch nursing. that should be enough motivation.

Boy Uninterrupted said...

woohoo!!!!! nicely done, it's always so touching when the youngins assert themselves and go after what they really want.