Friday, April 20, 2007

Will You Even Bother? YOU SHOULD!! COZ U LOVE ME!

Last Saturday, one of my closest friends in ze entire world, Ermalyn, celebrated her 18th birthday. Unfortunately for them, I was not in the country to grace the party with my presence. But to make up for the absence, I just sent them a video which I SHALL NOT SHOW YOU GUYS.. hahahahahahahahahaha!!

Anyway, just for the heck of it, let me show you some photographs of the event that I am so fuckin' sad that I wasn't able to go to....

Ermalyn(in orange) the PRINCE.. and Candy (in always) the PRINCESS of VALENZUELA.. land of the floods and floating fridgiders..

BARAKUDA SORONITY.. Lesbos of the world UNITE!! LONG LIVE THE!! hahahahahaha!!

I'm glad that Linnaeus is well represented here... someone is trying to return to the fold he left.... TRY HARDER.. FIND THE MISFIT GUYS!!!

**update on the SHOE saga...

I could no longer take the pain as I was "ramping" along 14th street this afternoon. So, wearing my oversized glasses, I passed by this shoe store and bought myself a pair of loafers... i have blisters on my feet.. GGGRRRRR.. FASHION!!!!!

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sherma said...

i remember my 18th birthday... wala lang... parang nagkagulo lang... hehehe... semi-formal attire... walang cotillion kasi ayoko nun... walang last dance, eh! hahaha!