Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Le Nerd is Back!!

The Museum of Sex: Dedicated to the exploration of the history, evolution, and cultural development of human sexuality.

It's in 233 5th Ave., New York, NY 10016

I just LURV New York.

Took this picture yesterday as I was on my way midtown. I didn't go in for 2 reasons.. ONE.. it was closed. TWO.. I don't have enough street cred yet. Let me go around first.. hihihihi.

Ok. Enough of Slutinella. Today marks the re-awakening of Le Nerd.

Let me ask you, dear readers(especially the guys), a question. When you see a man, what parts of him do you look at?

A recent study conducted by marketing researchers showed that while women just usually stare at the faces of men, men look at the face and the crotch area.

Here's a photograph with a "stare-scale" to accentuate my point.

I think the photograph speaks for itself. That's not blood you see there ladies and gentlemen. The baseball player did not cut his cock off. That is the amount of stares at his crotch that this baseball player got from men.

Now, I know why gay guys and bisexual people would look at that. (giggles) but why would straight men do that too? The study apparently encompassed all sexual orientations so gays, bis and straights all looked at BaseBall player's crotch.

My theory is that they wanna see if they have the bigger one.

Again, that's just my opinion. What are your thoughts on this?


pat said...

i've known new york through sex and the city, friends and jd salinger. sounds like a really fascinating city.

tina said...

could be a man's nature.. dunno. hehe

Jhed said...

Alam mo naman ang mga lalaki, they want to prove that they are better than any guy out there.

And FYI, I don't look at crotches ha. Excuse me..

Oh, and kapag nakapasok ka na sa museum. Don't forget to take pictures ha? LOL.

the philosphical bastard said...

maybe men are just more sexual.

Billycoy said...

museum of sex!!! gusto kong pumunta dyan!!! bigyan niyo ko ticket papuntang US at pang-asikaso sa mga papers para makapunta ako dyan, dali!!!

empress maruja said...

Men tend to have "penis envy" kasi, kaya ayan, kahit ikaila nila panay sa baba nakatingin.

joelmcvie said...

Men like to compare notes. As in, NOTES.

chino said...

>>PAT!!!!!!!!!!!! it is.. punta ka dito!! hihihihihihi

>>tina.. duly noted..

>>jhed.... palusot..

>>the philosophical bastard.. BASTARDO KA!! duly noted

>>billycoy.. PERV!! hihihihi

>>empress... uu nga

>>joelmcvie.. anong sinasabi nila? pahabaan tau ng sinulat? hahahahahahhahaha

joy said...

hahaha... pareho tayo ng naiisip.. =P

Boy Uninterrupted said...

i discovered the museum of sex accidentally on the way to a dance lesson ... i also haven't yet gone in yet. still working up the courage. what? i wasn't even able to say the word sex without blushing until my early 20s.