Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Fashion Directive: Men's Chapter

I'm sick and tired of seeing everyone wear tshirt and jeans all the time. Whether it be sunny day, to a rainy day, to a cloudy day, IT'S ALWAYS FREAKIN' TSHIRT AND JEANS. Time to add stuff to the wardrobe peeps. Make yourselves stand out. If you still find that tshirt and jeans is your thing, then at least add variety to your wardrobe by occasionally changing it up. The male fashion scene is SOOOOOOO boring. Consistency is the refuge of the unimaginative.

MEN, here are the spring/summer pieces that could add life to your usually BANAL ang MISERLY wardrobe and enhance your entire look and image. Spring/Summer collections jive well with tropical weather. So there's no excuse for not excogitating these...
If one of you, dear male readers, even just one, heeds these suggestions, I will consider it as a personal triumph. CONVERSION!!
Allelujia!! (Angelic chorus starts to sing)



1.. HERE WE GO....

Look: Casual

The quintessential casual look for spring/summer.
The essential thing to have is the cardigan. Use it with slim shorts, kicks sans undershirt.

Look: Military-esque

For those who want to look tougher. Wear a military jacket with slim shorts and kicks. Shirt optional.

CAPS. CAPS. CAPS. as long as they're vintage caps they're ok..

Look: Jogger

I have rarely seen a shirtless jogger in the Philippines, save for 4 people jogging around the UP AcadOval.

Just plain shorts with simple accents plus kicks. Come on!! I double dog dare you.. LOL

Look: "I Don't Fuckin' Care, Get Out of My Case"

See? There's a way to look indifferent without looking like a bum.

Tank top with either olive green, navy blue, or brown slim shorts, and solid white kicks.


Look: Preppy

If you wanna look as if you're better than everyone else, then a light colored long sleeved dress shirt over a plain white undersirt, naval-designed shorts, and white kicks (jacket optional..)

Look: GAY

LOL!! okok.. the yellow jacket will make you look gay. BUT WTF?! go for it! It's a statement! (FUCK ME I'M FAMOUS) LOL.. Without the jacket you'd look like #4..

(I just had to include this.. LOL.. I couldn't resist)

Look: Beachbum/ Man-whore

Either you're doing business or going to the beach, nothing beats the raw and visually stimulating image of a speedo SANS everything else. LOL (flip-flops/shoes optional)


This is my look.. Light slacks, white kicks, vest over cotton shirt. NERDY GLASSES. blazer. The blazer's just fo'show.. it's optional. But it really complements the entire look.


Again,just think about it. Don't dismiss it immediately.

P.S. Ladies, your's will follow in a later post. It's quite a long list so I'm kinda condensing it.. :) (I think the gals will be easier to influence than the boys. We'll see.)

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andianka said...

d nga? i wonder what the philippines would look like having those outfits on the trend? wahahaha! exciting yun! continue influencing... ahahaha :D

Doubting Thomas said...

that fashion show was sooo last year!

chino you sucks talaga! hehehe. what with the nerdy trend??? the other guy's a dork and you're a nerd. oh my!

chino said...

doi rob?! xmpre last year pa yang fashion show na yan.. fasion shows are alwways 2 seasons ahead.. hehehe..SPRING/SUMMER 2007 yan nuh!

andianka.. it's gonna be an uphill battle..

tina said...

youre right about girls being influenced right away than the boys. Nyahaha. :P

Billycoy said...

hmm... saw that slideshow from dsquared i think?

anyway, nakatrunks ako ngayon sa office, init kasi, yung girls naka-two piece... nice office attire di ba?

Marya(Ang babaeng laging walang tulog) said...

yung models ata yung tinignan ko, hindi yung mga damit..wehe..

Anonymous said...


Hahahaha. Naku, and I love the beach wear (guys) as well! LOOOOOOL.

Okay, straight guy mode na ulit.

chino said...

>>wahehehe.. marya close your eyes.. LOL

>>billycoy.. aba aba aba.. pumupunta ng!!.. SHET!!

>>jhed.. ULUL!! LOL.. ;)

Fabulously EB said...

im love the guys. all of the aboves, you know.

as for me, thank you.

Paolo said...

sana lang may lakas ako ng loob mag suot ng ganyan =D

andianka said...

d nga? ulitin natin...d ako mahinto katatawa... what if talaga paglakad lakad ko sa mall ganyan na suot nila!!! gugulong siguro ko sa kakatawa, at maaalala ko kagagawan mo ito!!!! nyahahahaah! :D


chino said...

>>fab-O.. bienvenue.. bienvenidas.. mabuhay..welcome..

>>pao..dnt tell me na tulad ni billycoy e naka"manwhore" attire ka din?.. LOL

>>andianka.. that would be the best.. LOL..