Monday, February 19, 2007

Présentation du Nerd

Let me set the premise for the use of this blog.

In a way, I have grown tired and worn-down by the amount of energy I put out in each and every entry on my previous blog. I felt like I had to really push the envelope, in terms of zeal in all my posts. As the Laws of Physics state: Energy can only be transformed, never destroyed nor created. The process has left me in a quasi-dulled state.

So, I created this new avenue, where I can still promulgate the mechanations of my mind. But this time, in a simpler, yet more opinionated manner.

I did it for myself... but I do hope that you'll still accompany me, dear reader, as I explore the enigma that is ze nerd in me...


tina said...

Yay. Sometimes we all feel we need a different environment and that goes with a new home in the blogosphere. :P

Well.. I will accompany you and witness your journey.. :)

Isaiah said...

waw kakagulat ze you! ^_^

Using the creative stinch of ya mind. sige iibahin ko na po links!^_^ mwaaah!

Lyka Bergen said...
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Lyka Bergen said...

This will be my first time to read you for i havent been to your previous blog.

I was nerdified already.

Ill be coming back!

Anonymous said...


But I must admit, I will miss the happy and joyful Chino. Hehe.

Nonetheless, I'm sure the nerd Chino will do a great job. :P

-vin- said...

wooh. nakakabigla ang bago mong blog. hehehe. pano naman ako magko-comment dito.. di naman ako blogger user..

ako to

Marya(Ang babaeng laging walang tulog) said...

sure sure!! ni-bago ko na..

mas accesible sa mga tulad kong di naka-experience ng unang blogger.. :)

blueengreen said...
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Paolo said...

teka kukuha muna ako ng dictionary..

ah...ok.... ano ulit. lolz

ur so malalim =P