Sunday, February 25, 2007

Catharsis. Life's Automatic Immodium

While I'm at a slump here, I've decided to saturate my brain cells with Katharine McPhee's cathartic songs. And by saturate, I mean dance slowly to her hypnotic and sensuous melodies.

I don't wanna say that up to now I'm still a bit bitter about.. well..the people who need to know already know.. coz I'm not.. not anymore.

But there are times when I, somehow in an unexplicable convergence of moon and insanity, crave the drama. So I listen to bitter, angry, or cathartic songs. And then I channel it through my body and I imagine little soldiers of drama marching along my veins.. fighting off the endorphins.. LOL

Then I lipsynch with the singer and try to make an improvised music video with matching emotions asnd that shite.. LOL.. pathetic.. yeah i know.

Afterwards, I need to break free from the drama. So I listen to disco songs ala Donna Summer, the Beegees and Melba Moore. LOL. Again, dancing while lipsynching. But this time, in front of a mirror. I usually do a lot aerobic motions.. LOL. LAME-O!!

Then, I feel so refreshed, like I just came from a relaxing day at the spa.. haha! Why it works for me, I have no clue.

So.. join me.. in the metaphorical orgasm of my cyclical sentimentality.

"Wanting you to be wanting know that ain't no way to be. hurt at first a little bit.. but now I'm so over it..."... (ikot ikot.. giling giling)

If you can't play the AOL media, here's the youtube equivalent..

This song rox my sox!.. Katharine's so glamtastic!!


tina said...

aww you seem soo senti these past few days ahh.. hehe.

anyway have a great week!

empress maruja said...

I can't play the video. Too bad :(

chino said...

tina.. this post ends it.. LOL..

empress... already fixed that.. i added the youtube equivalent..

Pot said...

Waw! Katharine McPhee! =)

Anonymous said...

I can't download Kath's full album. Grrrr. Oh well.

Now I know, hindi lang pala ako ang gumagawa nun. Haha! I do that often, sa banyo. Pretending na contestant sa American Idol. LOL.

chino said...

i have a repertoire nga jhed for my bathroom concerts:

>>one moment in time
>>sun and moon
>>i need a hero
>>don't rain on my parade
>>i'll still say yes
>>this is it..


empress maruja said...

Yey! thanks chino!

Anonymous said...

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