Monday, February 26, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

"Rumor.. Scandal.. Sex.. Fame.. Revolution"

Can I please ask that this be chiselled on my grave as my epitaph?

I have finally found the person who's worthy enough for me to emulate. Her values and my ambitions seem to mesh SOOOO well. None other than Maria Antonia Josefa Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen known more popularly as Marie Antoinette.

Ok, let me pre-empt what you're thinking. She's a woman. So? I didn't say I wanted to have a vagina did I? (LOL) I'm perfectly happy with what I have. (LOL LOL!)

Anyway, why Marie Antoinette?

Why not? She's rich, powerful, scandalous, fashion-forward, sexy, promiscuous, artistic, extravagant, rich, adventurous, flirtatious, rich, and ohhh.. did I say rich?

Before you crucify me for such a primadonna post, let me say that that's not the summation of what I admire in her.

She started out kind, charitable, shy, and interested in the peculiarities+trivialities of the Royal Court in Versailles. She was specially loved by the people and she loved them back.(SO ME!! PEOPLE LOVE ME!! hahahahahaha!!) But as time went on, due to the pressures of the court, and her husband's REFUSAL TO ADHERE TO HIS 'MATRIMONIAL DUTIES', she started to fool around lose control of her self. She would, reportedly, sneak out and meet with her lovers in, of all places, the Opera!!

AND, Parisians suspected, and gossiped in a rather graphic way (via pamphlet) that she was having frivolous anal sex with her brother-in-law. And in the vulgar pamphlet known as "Le Godmiché Royal " or "The Royal Dildo", she was drawn fondling herself. FABULOUS!!! hahahahahaha!!

(if there is any married man or a committed man reading this post, do yourself a favor and fill up your wives/ partners. YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T!)

It is said that she would often spread her legs for everyone to see her bijoux.. LOL!!..

So we have a story of nice, innocent, charitable and gentle turned to powerful, extravagant, promiscuous, and bitchy, lost in the decadence of the white wigs and powder.

Again.. ROLE MODEL!!

Plus, her execution (though factually the reasons for which were baseless and exaggerated by the Bourgeoisie) was forever etched as a spectacular death. The same way I want to leave this world, In a BLAZE OF GLORY!!

And because I am so fascinated with her, I decided (long ago, like, 4 months ago) that for my 21st birthday, the attire would be 18th Century French Court. Hahahahahaha!!

Would you like to receive an invitation?.. hahaha..
okok.. you've reached this far so let me say that Marie Antoinette was known and chronicled to be intrepid, loving, and extremely loyal. (again, ROLE MODEL. ü )


Robyn said...

I totally had fun reading this entry of yours... Nice one, ANTOIN! *winks*

chino said...

ANTOIN??.. (shrugs with an 'eek') doesn't fit me dear.. just stick with Le Nerd.. LOL..

thanks for the comment and glad that you liked it.. LOL

andianka said...

ahaha! intriguing, malicious, yet satisfying..i enjoyed this entry and left me wondering! (oh my gosh!) hehehe!

tina said...

nice post! Nyahaha. :P

what a nice 21st bday party it would be... with costumes and all.. invite us! hahaha

chino said...

>>isn't it cute tina?.. I'm so sick of casual and semi-formal.. the time has come for my party to be a COSTUME PARTY!! lol!!

>>andianka..hehehe..glad you liked it.. what exactly are you wonderin', eh? :)

super xienah said...

are you sure you would not want a vagina?

chino said...

xienah sure ako dun!! hahahahaha..

satisfied nako with my mangina.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! :D

sherma said...

marie antoinette, i love that name...

is it right to say that she's, hmmm, mahilig? hehehe...

Pot said...

Haha, another Marie Antoinette lover!

Paolo said...

maintriga pala ang buhay niya.
dba may ganyang magazine? clueless ako sa kanya. buti naman pinakilala mo samin. =D

Lyka Bergen said...

Ala Rinko Kikuchi din pala ang Dramatis ng Marie Antoinette na tets! At zana nominada rin sya kung sya's nagpakita sa movie nya. Ching!

chino said...
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kame-san said...

maganda ba yung movie? ung kay kirsten dunst?

janna said...

i so admire her... :D

and i don't believe those rumors about her... maybe she's just misunderstood (like what's in the movie)

by the way, great post... :D