Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I hate ZOMBIES.. and I hate Zombie movies for showing zombies.. It is my utmost belief that the world could do without zombie movies. SERIOUSLY.. why are there zombie films out there anyway? Is it really necessary to show decaying masses of humanity eating the flesh and innards of man? Can I just say EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW?


I hate them more because of the fact that when I happen to chance upon a movie like Resident Evil, or Dawn of the Dead, I cannot help but stay tuned and watch it. It's as if some mysterious cosmic force if pulling my will away. Like it's saying "Watch it!! So you'll have nightmares!! I command you to fuck yourself with horror movies!!!"..

So yeah, after that shit, I'd be unable to sleep at all. But I cannot stop myself from watching!!!!

But I chanced upon a movie that really piqued my interest.. not my fear, disgust and impulsive degradation of willpower.. SHAUN OF THE DEAD..


That movie is the shit!!! It's one of the funniest, scariest, and saddest movies I have ever seen. ALL IN ONE ONE and a HALF HOUR FILM!! WEEEEHH!!

It's basically a spoof of Dawn of the Dead.. Shaun is this loser-esque guy who fumbles his work and love life to a quagmire.. as he is trying to fix it, zombies start to appear and destroy civilization in their city. He then rescues his mum(and step-dad) and subsequently, his girlfriend(+ her friend, and stalker-ish guy friend who's gaga over her) and they head to the pub to hide..

Unfortunately.. his stepdad becomes a zombie.. so does his mum... the sad part was when he had to shoot his own mum... it was like.... probably the most painful thing a child could feel... I shed a tear for that... so did Shaun..

eventually..when it seemed like all hope was lost and none but 2 (Shaun and girlfriend) remained non-undead, the British Army came in and slaughtered the scourge.. HOOORAY FOR THE BRITS!!!

My favorite scene was when the stalker-ish friend of Shaun's girlfriend got eaten by zombies... the zombies literally tore his stomach open and feated on his innards... I was trying to upload an image but I could not copy it...aaaaawww....

anyway... yeah.. that's it.. wahehehehehe... I still hate zombies though...


tina said...

zombie movies are better than cannibal movies.. eekeeeii... at least zombies are fictional.. and cannibals are not. ewwwwww..

sherma said...

i don't watch horror movies kaya hindi rin ako nanonood ng zombie movies... =) napapaghalataang duwag... hahahaha!

blogerista said...

i like blood and gore.. mas brutal,mas masaya..

that's why i love 300.. hehe..