Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Inseminate Me, Mr. Deutscheman!

"Am I straight in Germany?"

(Are you?) "I mean did you come here straight from...directly from Germany?"

I feel so unprofessional all of a sudden.

I am utterly infatuated with one of the students at work.. hehehehe..

He's German.. Mid-thirties (DADDY!!!!) He's from Stuttgart.. He has gray eyes.. He has a strong jaw line.. He has a strong nose bridge.. And his ass is sooooooooooooo perky.. hahahahahaha!!

He initially caught my eye in the morning when I was preparing the class' petite dejourner. He smiled at me.. I smiled back.

The flames opf conversation did not light til they had their break at around 11 in the morning. He bit the apples that were provided to them and he made a comment how delicious they were. I said that they were freshly STOCKED(hahahahaha!) everyday. And then we exchanged beguiling banter(my sort of foreplay).

The funny thing is, when they had gone, I found myself singing mushy and cheesy songs all of a sudden. Imagining hypothetical situations, some too graphic to explicate. Then I made it a point to provide them all (with Mr. Deutscheman..that's what I'll call the focal point) with a fun and delectable dejourner.. Pathetic ain't it? hehehehehe..

However, two days from now, he'll be back on a plane for Stuttgart... Sad....

That's why tomorrow and on Friday, I will dress like I've never dressed (in a non-formal event) before..

I need to take a photograph oh him.. I SHALL USE THE POWER OF THE SECRET!!!!!


tina said...

woot. better have his picture.. and use the secret! hehe you watched it din pala. ahihi.

Baklang AJ said...

picture!!! i love germans! hahaha

Jhed said...

Nakakita lang ng Euro.. tsk tsk.

So, you have the hots for OLDER men? Hahahahahahahahaha!

Lyka Bergen said...

Good Luck sa Friday!

(I am more interested of your picture with the dress galore than this German's).

empress maruja said...

Go lang ng go bakla, sabay hingi ng e-mail address para sulit1

pat said...

so hit on him. what have you got to lose? there are a million jobs you can get if you get fired for hitting on a student. Ü