Friday, May 4, 2007

Mr. Deutscheman on Cryogenic Hybernation

GAD!!! I am so in love with Mr. Deutscheman!! I want to have all of his babies!! hahahaha!!

okok.. let me compose myself and recount the day that has just transpired-- which is probably the most tiring, yet sensuous one for me to date here in ze US.

Things were going well with me and Mr. Deutscheman. I was kinda dancing around their table during breakfast (hahahaha!! in a non-pole-dancer way of course!!) to the beat of Vertigo by U2.. hahaha.. and then he approached me and then we once again exchanged beguiling banter (at this point I wanted to jump him and just do the deed in front of everyone--on the long table perhaps).

I actually asked for his email address. To my dismay, he said he has no time for email so he doesn't have one (I'm not sure if I believe this) and he exclaimed how ancient he was. (ugh)

I was kinda disappointed with that. I thought "maybe he just doesn't want to give it to me." So my day started to go downhill. The negative energy radiating from me at that time spread to my environment. And as a result, I was tasked to clean the snack closet-- an impossible feat by oneself. GGGRRR. I am still reeling from that snack-closet thing.

Lunch came. He wasn't talking to me. I was pissed-off mad. I was trying to maintain my composure and smile by thinking happy thoughts.. thinking of Ugly Betty last night.. of payday later on today.. and of the weekend. This kinda confirmed to me that he just didn't want to give me his email address. FUCK.

The only exchange in between us was his "thank you (my name)."

I resolved to just brush the while thing off and just complain to my co-worker, Kelly, about it.

Kelly wasn't around. So my rants were still bottled up. I worked at the cafe for around 2 hours. Then some of the Bb.U students came up for a taste of the expensive stuff we offer there..hehehe..

Tracy, a Bb.U student who says that she lusts after a lot of people (as in a lot) although she's married, (hahahaha. She likes one of the stylists.. hahaha..) and Laura, another Bb.U student, gossiped with me. And then Mr. Deutscheman went up and bought some products. Before he left, Tracy greeted him and said "Guten Tag!" He came over and talked to them while I was standing on the sides....feeling ignored.

Then after he said goodbye to them he faced me and took my hand, and with that smile that could make me cream my pants in an instant, told me "It was so nice to meet you. Grow taller and visit me in Germany".. hahahahahahahaha!! I swear.. even if it was that cheesy and probably meant nothing, I started to melt like mush.

I said "When I go to Europe (which I will once I am able to save enough money), and I happen to drop by Stuttgart, I'll try and find you."

He said "You should!"

"Where are you working again?"

"(Salon Name that I can't understand coz it's in German)"

"I'll just look up your contacts at the Bumble network. That ok?"


and then we shook hands and he left.

I was soooooooooooooooooooooo drugged up at that point.. hehehe..

Then I left too to deposit my check at the bank. On my way home, guess who I met at the street?

"Hopefully I see you in the future"

"I hope so"


And oh oh oh!! Yesterday, when Aaron, one of the senior stylists, was asking me where I was from, it was Mr. Deutscheman who answered him.

"He's from the Philippines."

I love him so much. hahahahahahahahaha.

I can't stop staring at his photograph!!

I can't wait to go to Germany...for the day when I'll bend over and start screaming--
"Mr. Deutscheman inseminate me!!!"


tina said...

Woot. At least... you are floating by the end of the day.

Virginia said...

chiinooo! nakakakilig promise! he likes you too girl! go go go!

Jhed said...

The last line was just... classic! Haha!

Boy Uninterrupted said...

"Mr. Deutscheman inseminate me!!!"

You are redonculous!!!! I haven't laughed so hard in minutes!

empress maruja said...

Grabe, the baby is now a lady...

lilith said...

yes!!! go for it!!!

chino said...

jhed..isn't it? i love it.. hahahahaha

boy uninterrupted... im glad to have been the source of your entertainment...

empress.. hahahahahaha

joelmcvie said...

Funny entry! (And I mean that in both meanings of the word.) You ought to be listening to U2's "Achtung Baby" instead. :-)

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